1245848026 M103.940 M103.941 M103.942 M103.943 engine sticker

Mercedes engime sticker with partnumber: 1245848026 for M103.940 - M103.941 - M103.942 - M103.943
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Sticker which replace the old sticker with partnumber: 1245848026 - 124 584 80 26 - M103.940 - M103.941 - M103.942 - M103.943

This sticker has been reproduced in the same sizes, shapes and colors to match the old original one which is NLA at mercedes.

This sticker is placed on the front rail in the engine bay and fits the following models from the  80's and 90's cars:

Mercedes-Benz cars with the following engines: M103.940 - M103.941 - M103.942 - M103.943

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