Laptimer repair service


All the words above mean the same if you have a Mercedes 190E 2.3-16 , Mercedes 190E 2,5-16 or even a Mercedes 190E 2.5-16 Evolution 1 or even better Mercedes 190E 2.5-16 Evolution 2. This part is the icon if your interior and needs to be good! I started this project back in 2012 to be the first one to have a OEM solution for the stopwatches of our cars. Since i made this part myself i can maintain the quality of it and give warranty on the screens. For more then 8 years there isnt 1 screen that is started to bleed again after my replacement lcd is installed. Like you can see on the pictures below its a full 100% OEM solution, with the correct digits, sizes all is correct and working.

Laptimer frontLaptimer back




 The Mercedes 190E 2.3-16v, 2.5-16v, EVO1 and EVO2 models all feature additional instruments in the center console which differ from other Mercedes 190 models. One of these three gauges is a Lap timer (stopwatch / stoppuhr). This component often suffers from a bled LCD screen so you are unable to read lap times or has some other issue that stops it from working. Bled lap timers can also spoil the interior look of your car.

I drove my 1985 Mercedes 190E 2.3-16v for more than 4 years which I had fully restored over that time except for the broken lap timer. I finally came up with a working solution to repair the lap timer so it became fully functional again and made the interior of the car look like it did when it came out of the factory.

People ask me alot why do i have to buy your Repairservice or the DIY kit while i can buy a second hand working laptimer which still has the original screen inside which works perfect! Well i can tell you why not to buy a second hand unit for to much money and this is way. When you look close to the pictures below you will see the problem of the bleeding laptimer. It starts always from the edges and then its starts to grow, sometimes fast sometimes slow, but it will grow for sure. Almost 30% of the LCD display is behind the plastic cover and you will not see it, and thats where the bleeding starts! When you look to my pictures you will see that this LCD screen was looking good, but when i did open the laptimer i saw that it already was starting to bleed! It was just a mather of time before you could see it. Thats the reason why not to buy a second hand unit for 100+ euro`s but to buy one of my services so you will know you have a good LCD screen inside your laptimer which will work for another 20 years or more! Also there is no need to change or install new zebra strips! Install new onces often cause a screen failure or damage the lcd in the worst case. With my expierience in the last 10 years iam also be able to restort and fix your broken laptimer.

Having found it almost impossible to find a replacement Lap Timer (Mercedes do not supply them anymore) I spent a lot of time researching and developing a lap timer repair so I could have a fully functioning one in my car again. I have been a long time Mercedes enthusiast spending a lot of time working on my own car. I am now keen to help other Mercedes owners improve theirs. That is why i am now offering this repair service if you have an old broken lap timer in your car.

Through this website I am offering you a repair service for your broken unit. When you send me your broken unit I will repair, clean and test it thoroughly before posting it back to you. A full 6 month warranty is included. I will also enclose a user manual so you know how to use it properly.

Here you see my LCD in work next to a broken laptimer which is already fixed as you read this article ;)

broke fixed


If you have a broken laptimer you can order the replacement LCD screen here from my website or contact me direct: Dit e-mailadres wordt beveiligd tegen spambots. JavaScript dient ingeschakeld te zijn om het te bekijken. Its also possible to send me your broken laptimer direct, include in the parcel your full name, address, phone and email please. Bad PCB boards, failures, and more problems all can be fixed. I also offer a restoration service like clean the buttons, the metal black ring which often rust can be painted again or even a chrome ring can be installed. 

So you decide to buy a new LCD replacement screen for your Mercedes 190E 16v.There are 2 options offered for the repair of your lap timer. Option 1) I will complete the repair for you and give you a warranty on it. Option2) Do it Yourself package. For option 1 you only need to take out your laptimer, send it to the adress below and contact me a.s.a.p. so we can finish your repair. Once the repair is done i will test it and when its working 100% i seal it again and send the packets back to you. The complete time of the repair depends on your location, often it can be done within 1 week. When you pick option 2 you just have to click on the button KOPEN below and follow the staps from Paypal. Please make sure you will fill in the right adress, because i using that adress for sending out the DIY packets. Once you finished the staps in paypal then your done. I get the order in my mail and i will send out the packets the same day so you will have it within 2 till 10 working days depending on your location.


1: Laptimer repair service

  • 1x Repair of your broken lap timer
  • 1x User guide
  • 6 Months warranty
  • €75,- Per laptimer
  • shipping costs depends on your location and will be on top.



2: Do it yourself kit

For those of you who have some technical skills and want to do the repair yourself i am offering a full DIY kit to repair your broken lap timer. For €39,- you will receive the DIY kit which consists of:
  • 1x Replacement LCD unit

  • 1x Install guide

  • 1x User guide

  • Discounts on bulk orders of 3 or more kits.

  • €39,- Per kit, (Cheaper than a second hand unit!)