On this page you can find more information about the restoration of the products i repair, and if a client wish i can also do a full restoration* on the laptimer and outside temperature units.
When i got a unit in for repair like a dead unit which isnt working i first will check and test the unit to see if its not working like the client told me or if there is a problem on the client his side. After i can confirm what is the problem i can start on the repair / restoration. 

Below here you can see some work i did on a Stopwatch / stoppuhr / chrone / laptimer

laptimer stoppuhr 1 laptimer stoppuhr 2 laptimer stoppuhr 3
 Before repairs  Before repairs  All parts removed and checked
laptimer stoppuhr 4 laptimer stoppuhr 5 laptimer stoppuhr 6
 cleaning sticky buttons  sending the outer metal ring  Painted metal ring
laptimer stoppuhr 7 laptimer stoppuhr 8 laptimer stoppuhr 9
 Another angle  Testing the unit after repairs  A like new laptimer again

 A full restoration like this costs €75 excl+ shipping( depends on your location from 10 till 35 euro world wide). I always replace the LCD even if the old one is still looking oke from the outside. Since 20% of the lcd is behind the front cover, most of the times they are already started to bleed but that isnt visible yet. So always a new screen is installed and internal parts where checked and if needed then they also will be replaced.

If you want your laptimer to be repaired you can send the unit over to:

't Winkel 8
6027 NV Soerendonk
Phone: +31 634 708 618
Email: Dit e-mailadres wordt beveiligd tegen spambots. JavaScript dient ingeschakeld te zijn om het te bekijken.


Restoration of the outside temperature units: