mercedes außentemperaturanzeige ATA OTG display screen replacement

Like the titel already said iam offering since 2012 a full working and good OEM replacement LCD screen for all Mercedes W201 - W124 - W126 G klasse and some R129 cars. What will happen is that the old LCD screen will start to bleed soon or later and then you cannot read the lcd anymore. Instead of trying to find a new one at Mercedes for more then 276 euro ex taxes if still available or a 2nd hand unit which often starts to bleed again within a few weeks/monhts. Therefor i made this solution myself back in 2012 because the screen in my car started to bleed and after buying 2 units its was clear that wasnt the best way to fix it. With my LCD screens installed in your ATA / OTG unit you will have a fully working unit again like it just left the factory and you know it wont start bleeding the first 25 years.

You have a few different versions of LCD screens which where used by Daimler and VDO in the past but for us here in Europe which use the Celcius one we have 2 versions:

10pin LCD which was used from the early 80's till around 1988

mercedes 190 außentemperaturanzeige lcd 

6pin LCD which is used in the new units from 1988 till 1993/1994

mercedes außentemperaturanzeige lcd 



You can only fit the correct LCD into your unit otherweise the unit wont work.

Then we also have the Country's which used the Fahrenheit system. For that i also have the LCD screens which also comes in 2 versions to keep it simple!
Like before also there we have a early 10 pin lcd and later they changed to the 6 pin lcd like you can read from above.

So when you have a screen that started to bleed its important to check out which version you need before you order the screen. In 95% of the times its just the LCD screen thats broken and there is no need to change the black zebra strips which are used to transfer the signal to the lcd! In many cases when people try to change the zebra strips the lcd often wil crack or wont work correct. My advice is to leave the original onces in there since they did a good job already for the ast 30 years without any problems and try to keep the unit as original as possible. If you have a unit which has already been opened by someone else and your missing parts then you can contact me. For all the units i have the parts in stock. From zebra strips, housing, screws and many more.

In 5% of the times the ATA/OTG wont work when a new screen is installed and mostly its because before they could not check if the unit was working since it was al black. Most of the times there is a broken item on the PCB that needs to be changed. Iam offering also a full repair service for the units with a 100% succes ratio and warranty. I have helped so many club members, car dealers and other car crazy persons like myself in the past with my personal and direct contact iam here to help fixing your car back to its original glory.

All the items with partnumbers can be fixed:

1245420005 / 124 542 00 05
1245420027 / 124 542 00 27
1245420227 / 124 542 02 27

1265420227 / 126 542 02 27
1265420027 / 126 542 00 27
1265420005 / 126 542 00 05

2015420027 / 201 542 00 27
2015420427 / 201 542 04 27
2015420327 / 201 542 03 27

If your number is not listed here please contact me: Dit e-mailadres wordt beveiligd tegen spambots. JavaScript dient ingeschakeld te zijn om het te bekijken. and send me some pictures of the unit, there is a big change it still can be fixed with my lcd screens.


See the difference between the LCD units here: W201 - W124 - W126