offer a full warranty on any repairs I have carried out myself using the full service option. When I receive your broken lap timer I will first test it to diagnose the problem. 99% of the lap timers I receive have a broken LCD screen. These can bleed inward from the edges so you can see what looks like black ink covering all or part of the screen. If this is the case then I can repair it for you. If the screen looks fine but the lap timer does not work it may be someone has removed the black ink from the screen just to make it look good. If this is the case I am also able to repair it.

There may be occassions when the printed circuit board inside your lap timer is damaged. If testing confirms this then I will contact you to dicuss what we can do for you. If we agree the repair is not possible or uneconomical then I will refund your money (minus shipping costs) and return your laptimer to you.

Because I complete the repairs myself I can give you a 6 month warranty on it. When I receive your lap timer I will first dismantle it, check and clean all the components inside so i know what needs doing. After this I will carry out the necessary repair and reassemble the unit. I will then test it thoroughly to ensure all the functions work correctly and that the digits are level and correctly aligned in the screen window. Finally when I am happy it is functioning as it should I will seal the lap timer for the warranty and send it back to you tracked and insured.

The 6 month warranty on repaired units starts from the day I send the packet(s) back to you. All the screens are tested by myself so this way I know they are working perfectly and will continue to work for a long time.

*Please note that extreme low or high temperatures will effect the life time of the LCD. This is the same for all components in your car.

I do not offer any warranty on the DIY kit LCD screens as I cannot confirm they have been handled and/or installed correctly.