Kühlmitteltemperatur Sensor ref: 0280130044 / 0065427717

s-l1600 (2)8

Temperature sensor which replace the following oem numbers: 006 542 77 17 /
0280130044 / 0905333 / 0905420 suits many Mercedes car from W201 W124 W123 etc
39,95 €
Price / kg:


This sensor is the same like the sensors from Bosch or Metzger. The part is brand new, complete with o-ring gasket, only difference is the black rubber seal, bosch used red onces.

OEM reference numbers:
Mercedes: 006 542 77 17 
Metzger: 0905333 / 0905420

This sensor is often used on the Mercedes 190E Models (W201 Series) and the Mercedes-Benz 200 serie (W124) and many more.
When a car has cold start problems, not running good when cold or hot, often this sensors cause those problems because its sent the wrong temperature to the ECU


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